A Travel Crib is Essential For Baby!

Perhaps you have your nursery beautifully decorated, with all the accessories your baby could need, and right in the middle, adorned with wonderful fabrics, sheets and bows, is their crib. Well, that’s great, but what happens when you want to go and visit grandma? How about that camping trip, visit to the park, or a well deserved vacation? Bringing their crib with you is not an option.

That’s where travel crib comes in. Travel cribs have been around in some form for many years, but modern designs are truly amazing! Some are built for strength, others for portability, but all offer convenience.

Pack n’ Play

Let’s start with the Pack n’ Play model. This is one of the most popular designs, and takes about a minute to assemble. Sturdy and built to last, this travel crib can often be used as a playpen too. Although it folds up neatly into a compact carrier, it does tend to weigh a little more than other models. If you’ve plenty of room in the car, that’s not a problem, but if you’re travelling by air, for example, it might be a bit much to carry around.

It makes a great spare crib to keep at grandma’s house, because it’s easy to store out of sight when it’s not needed. The strength also allows a wide range of accessories to be added too, like changing tables and bassinets, and they are so popular, you’ll never have trouble finding fitted sheets and other essentials to go with it.

Pop-up Travel Cribs

Next up is the pop-up travel crib. You may have noticed a trend in recent years towards tents and other items that seem to just pop into shape with very little assembly. Well, that same technology is now available for travel cribs too!

The main structure literally takes a second or two to make: just take it out of the bag, throw it onto the ground, and you’re done! Although that makes for a great demo, in reality, they usually have an inflatable mattress that needs to be pumped up too, but it doesn’t take long. In fact, some models come with self-inflating mattresses, making the job even easier.

The real selling point with these is that they are so lightweight and compact. Weighing in at around 4 or 5 pounds, you can really take these anywhere.

Other Models

Besides the two extremes above, many manufacturers have come up with alternative designs that fall somewhere in between. There are some great models available that assemble quicker than the pop-up travel cribs, but offer the strength of a pack n’ play. Usually, there are some compromises to consider: they may be heavier than a pop-up, or more expensive than a pack n’ play, for example. However, many people find that the compromises give them the exact travel crib they’re looking for, so be sure to shop around!

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